APT Global Marine Services delivers two split hopper barges, first of its kind by a middle east shipyard

April 27, 2020


APT Global Marine Services delivered two non-propelled 1800m3 Spit hopper barges to M/s HUTA Hegerfeld Saudia Ltd. The blocks for the vessels were constructed at a yard in Thailand and hereafter transported to APT facility at Ras Al Khaimah for completion and delivery.

The vessels named, HUTA 909 & HUTA 910, hit the water at APT Global RAK facility on November 2019.
With the delivery of these two Split hopper barges, APT Global Marine became the first Shipyard in the Middle East to construct and deliver this type of vessels. The vessels are classed under Bureau Veritas for unrestricted navigation. Also, the vessel complies with ARAMCO norms associated with floating craft.

Vessel features

• The vessels are designed in such way that three separate main sections have been interconnected by the use of large hinges.
• The separate aft section is attached to the two main split hulls by the side hinges allowing the stern body to be kept horizontal when the barge is split.
• The hopper is designed to have a capacity of abt.1800m3. The dumping of the load is achieved by longitudinally splitting the SB and PS hopper sections, by means of two hydraulic
• The vessel is equipped with an hydraulic automated overflow.
• The vessels are equipped with a dedicated diesel-electro driven generator. They are also provided with an option to connect to shore supply as well as tug supply

Day accommodation

• HUTA 909 & HUTA 910 are designed with facilities to provide day accommodation for 2 persons and with the necessary pantry, sanitary, unit.

Additional features

• The vessels are equipped with 4- quick release hooks in order to assist mooring alongside of dredgers during operation
• All hydraulic operations can be controlled from the operator’s cabin or by the use of a portable remote-control unit.
• Vessels built to Aramco standards and approvals

HUTA909 & HUTA910 Specifications

Length :               76.70 m
Breadth  :               14.50 m
Depth :               5.80 m
Dredging Draught :               5.00 m
Gross Tonnage :               1558 T
Capacity :               1800 m3