APT completes huge piping fabrication/installation project for BESIX

October 3, 2019


With waste water plaguing the world, water scarcity has become a serious threat, making it one of the UN's main millenary advancement goals. As you know, waste water treatment is the sustainable short and long-term solution to the world's water crisis; APT had an incredible opportunity to connect with Besix who intended to bring the biggest sewage treatment plant in UAE.

Besix' sewage treatment plant can produce 232 billion m3 of treated irrigation water, which would be adequate to irrigate 6,250 hectares. This innovative approach can be of help to the municipality's effort to green the city. The plant would moreover generate 21,900 tonnes of sludge which is nutrient-rich and can be used as bio-fuel or fertiliser. Furthermore, the fulfillment of the second phase has more than increased the Besix's total waste water treatment capacity from 300 MLD [300,000 m3/day] to 675 MLD [675,000 m/day].
Thus helping battle the water scarcity, APT is proud to share the news of successful completion of the Besix's stainless-steel piping project for the biggest sewage treatment plant in UAE. The work was begun in 2018, which connected around 30 km, of the pipeline (diameter ranging from ¾" to 48"), with 4500 weld joints and got finished in early 2019. APT hired around 45 TIG welders, qualified with BV for this project. On the completion of the project, Besix remained incredibly happy about the product's quality and the team's competence. The management appreciated APT and assured of more significant projects in future.