Split Hopper-Nareel


APT Global Dubai was awarded a contract for the construction and delivery of 2 split hopper barges with a capacity of 2100 M³ for NMDC in June 2019.

Due to time and market constraints, APT Global Marine Service bought two available hulls, in concert with the client. The hulls were towed to her yard where they were subject of the entire outfitting, component installation, Classification and commissioning. Specific project related requirements of the clients have been integrated within the limited time frame.

Both vessels were rechristened with new names NAREEL and MAGHIAM.

Both vessels were delivered to NMDC base at Abu-Dhabi during January 2020.
Vessel Features
  • The vessel is equipped with a Cummins QSK19 D(M) diesel driven power pack of
  • The vessel is equipped with a HRP- bow thruster of 450kW capacity.
  • The vessel is additionally fitted with a main generator set of 65kVA and a 31kVA harbor
  • FWD and AFT ballast system.
  • The vessel is installed according to the latest requirements as per DR67 including an
    emergency dumping system,accurate draught indicators and monitoring system, wall
    mounted alarm panels at the wheelhouse.
  • Remote control system both for dumping operation as well for bow thruster operation..
Vessel Information

Length :  72.00 m
Breadth :  16.50 m 
Depth  :  5.50 m 
Dredging Draught  :  4.80 m 
Gross Tonnage  :  1985 
Net tonnage  :  620 
Capacity  :  2100m3 
Class  : Bureau Veritas 



New building

Anchor handling pontoon

Fugro oceanus


Modular pontoon

Split Hopper- HUTA 909/910

Split Hopper-Nareel

Split Hopper-Maghiam

Dry docking

Dry docking repairs HAM 218

Dry docking repairs AL HAMRA

Dry docking repairs IGAZU








Dry Docking repairs MIRFA


Split hopper dredger to fall pipe vessel

Conversion of pontoon to side loading barge

Rock transfer barges conversion

Spreader pontoon conversion

Sand Carrier - Bow Coupling Tower Installation

Afloat repair

Afloat repair


Oceanic Installer