Spreader Bar

New building

CSD 500

Split Hopper Barge- HUTA 909/910

Fugro oceanus

Split Hopper-Nareel

Split Hopper-Maghiam

Parts & components

Main spud carrier - CSD-900

Auxiliary spud carrier - CSD 900

Cutter ladder front part

Spud carrier tilting frame – CSD 900

Spud and spud housing

Side wire sheave block and guide sheave unit


Upper hoisting sheave block and lower pivot point


Safety valve

Anchor boom

Bottom door

Hauling mast


Sinker pipeline installation


Booster station


Construction of gravity anchors

Bow coupling

Jet pipe

Suction tube

Reclamation gate valve

Spud for backhoe

Arm piece

Turning gland


UCW- Ladder Cutter Wheel Assembly

Spring Box-Water injection

Side Wire Sheave Block

Sheave Block Assembly

APT Cutter Ladder

Lower part Spud

Spreader Bar


Spud Carrier

Water Box

Valve Body

Drag head

Repair/ Refurbishment/ Conversion

Dry docking repairs HAM 218

Dry docking repairs AL HAMRA

Dry docking repairs IGUAZU

Dry Docking repairs - MIRFA