Modular pontoon

Modular pontoons are box shaped floating elements which are specifically designed to be assembled, once placed in water, into larger units of extremely variable shape and dimension.

Single elements are easily transportable so they can be transferred on site by trucks, placed in water and then assembled.

Subsequently, all necessary equipments for the job can be mounted on the assembled pontoon, since every single modular elements is classified as vessel by relevant Classification Society (RINA, LR, ABS…).

The pontoon can be self propelled by relevant outboard motors or can be moved using winches.

Another advantage of the pontoons is their flat bottom and minimal draft, which makes them suitable for working in very shallow waters.

The modular pontoons are designed and built according the most demanding requirement of international Association Classification Society.

New building

Anchor handling pontoon

Fugro oceanus


Modular pontoon

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