About Us

APT Global is a leading ship builder, equipment manufacturer and technical service provider in Marine, Dredging, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Industry and Energy.
Since our inception in 2003 we have developed into a recognized partner for an ever growing client base. We understand the requirements of our customers, resulting in long standing relationships and a fast growing global exposure.
Headquartered in Dubai and supported by various strategically located operations in the UAE, Qatar, India and the Netherlands we strive to provide the highest level of quality and service.
Core competencies of the APT Global Group include:
  • New building and refurbishment of dredgers and workboats
  • Maintenance, repair, refurbishment and conversion of all types of vessels in drydock or afloat (Dry docking capacity up to 130mtr/ 6000T)
  • New building ofequipment, structures andcomponents for dredging, oil & gas and offshore
  • Modern heavy machining facility
  • On- site repair services (mechanical, steel fabrication, diesel engines, electrical and air conditioning)
  • Mechanical repair and overhaul services
  • Blasting and coating services
  • Diesel engine repair and overhaul services
  • Turbochargers and auxiliaries overhaul service
  • Piping fabrication and installation
  • Pressure vessel construction (ASME U- stamp & R- stamp certified)
  • Engineering & Design services
  • Technical support &consultancy
  • Metal fabrication
Our commitment to client satisfaction and quality goes hand in hand with an equal emphasis on Environment, Health & Safety as confirmed by DNV certifications ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OSHAS 18001:2007 as well as GL certification for our yards.
With a clear focus on continuous development we aim to further strengthen our global recognition as a preferred partner in marine construction, engineering and repair services.

“Fugro Oceanus” is a modular self-elevating drilling platform built under RINA classification and is designed to carry out marine soil investigation works related to dredging in coastal waters, ports and tidal waters in depths of up to 25m.

Measuring 12.2 x 9.8m the platform comprises of four modular pontoons locked together by a proprietary locking arrangement. Each pontoon comprises of three individual watertight compartments and is designed to stay afloat with any three compartments totally flooded.

Mark Heims from Fugro Middle East said: “The Fugro Oceanus was commissioned to be built as a compliment to the six Self Elevating Platforms that Fugro Middle East operate in the region for Geotechnical exploration.

“We have chosen to work with APT on the building of this SEP because of their flexibility in resolving the specific issues that relate to such platforms, as well as commercial considerations.

“With the service we have experienced up to this point we would consider APT Global as a preferred supplier for similar “New Builds” in the future.”

The platform is jacked up using a hydraulic jacking unit and a block locking device on each of the 4 legs.

Deck equipment generally includes a hydraulic power pack, backup hydraulic power pack, a drilling rig, pipe rack, water pump and a generator.

APT Global Marine Services recently successfully dry-docked both cutter suction dredger HAM 218 as well as water injection dredger Iguazú for the Van Oord Ship Management B.V. at DMC Dubai.

With these 2 dry-dockings completed (HAM 218 being the first large cutter suction dredger to ever dry dock within DMC), APT Global reaffirms its position as a rapidly growing player in the maritime repair market.

“Since our inception in 2003 we have developed into a recognized partner for an ever growing client base. We understand the ever changing requirements of our customers, resulting in long standing relationships and a fast growing global exposure,” APT announced.

Upon completion of the repairs, HAM 218 has set sail to join the fleet currently being mobilized for the Suez Canal expansion project.

Following the successful repairs of the above mentioned vessels, APT Global is currently undertaking dry-docking and conversion projects of several other vessels being mobilized to Suez.

Dubai based APT Global is a leading technical service provider in Marine, Dredging, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Industry and Construction with operations in the UAE, Qatar and India.

“Our operations in Dubai Maritime City, supported by our in house multidisciplinary facilities, enable us to undertake full scope dry docking repairs on vessels up to 130x35m/6000MT,” APT stated.

The construction of AHP 1731 was commissioned to support Van Oord’s cutter suction dredger Artemis, a 130 m long vessel with a total installed power of 24,650 kW. Along with its sister vessel the Athena, it is among the most modern and powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredgers in the world.

The 24 x 16.5 m pontoon is featuring a moon pool and 200 t hydraulic winch installation with containerized power pack for handling large gravity anchors.

This piece of equipment was built under Bureau Veritas classification.

APT Global is an equipment manufacturer and technical service provider in Marine, Dredging, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Industry and Energy with production and yard facilities in Dubai, Qatar and India.

APT Global plays major role in construction and installation of 5MW land based booster station “Al Jabbar” for a satisfied Van Oord.
After fabrication and machining of the 50+ Ton foundation skid structure in one of our UAE facilities the structures and components were shipped to the project site in Kuwait.

APT Global mobilized a dedicated team of specialists and equipment to undertake the complete turn- key mechanical installation of Electric motor, Gearbox and 1000mm pipe line diameter Dredge Pump, supporting Van Oord’s project team.

Another great example of our capabilities and our flexible, service oriented approach to global support.

APT Global is committed to Safety as a core value in all its operations. All our yards and entities are educated to have it as the top most priority.

The employees of APT Global are experienced, capable and well trained. They deliver our services with a combination of drive and professionalism. Safety, quality and training are key elements of our company culture. These prioritized elements span all levels and stages of the projects we undertake.

Our HSE system has been developed over years of works in the marine, offshore, industrial and energy services in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent. Since 2010, our operations in Dubai, Qatar and India are certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007.

We are constantly working towards further improvement of our systems by upgrading the competency of our team and development of mechanisms for continuous feedback and improvement.









  • 10,000 Sq. Mtr yard
  • Machine shop
  • Fabrication yard
  • Mechanical/ Electrical/ AC & refrigeration workshop
  • Engineering office
Google Map
  • 100 Mtr Private quay wall
  • 40,000 Sq. Mtr yard
  • Heavy fabrication facility with load out
Google Map
For Dry docking/ New building:
    • 6,000 Ton ship lift – 130 m x 35m
    • 3,000 Ton lift – 90m x 25m
    • 720 Ton boat hoist
    • Berthing area – 1,500 Mtrs
Google Map
  • Engineering, design and procurement
Google Map
  • 10,000 Sq. Mtr yard
  • Heavy steel fabrication
  • Blasting & coating yard
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Machine shop
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  • 50,000 Sq. Mtr yard
  • Machine shop
  • Heavy steel fabrication
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APT Global has recently secured a new 36.000sqm plot in Ras Al Khaimah Maritime City freezone for the coming 25 years.With this new yard facility with a private quay wall of 100m we are securing the space required to better facilitate our clients as well as the further development of APT Global and our position in the region.

We are currently working on the development of this plot into a location where all our engineering disciplines and services will be combined in one location.

Facilities will include:
    • Alongside vessel repair and conversion
    • Heavy fabrication capacity for Marine, Offshore, O&G and Industry
    • Machine shop
    • Mechanical workshop
    • Electrical workshop
    • Blasting and coating
    • Logistics and storage services

We are happy to announce the awarding of a major repair and refurbishment scope on IB-909 for which APT Global has been selected as main contractor.

The job will be executed alongside BAM International’s own yard facility in RAK Maritime City and is expected to be completed early 2016.

The management of APT Global is happy to share the news of the first alongside berthing at our new Ras Al Khaimah yard by Van Oord’s “Tuna” on September 14th.

We hope she will be the first of many vessels to visit our new facility.


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  • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45. 800 2345-6789

APT Global has recently supported Dutch company Ampelmann with the installation of one of their A-type heave compensating gangways on board offshore supply vessel “Topaz Commander”.

This equipment is used for safe transfer of personnel between vessels and platforms offshore using a hydraulic self-stabilizing system compensating for relative movement between vessels.

APT Global was contracted for the construction of foundation pedestal, maintenance platform and grillages under ABS supervision as well as the turn-key installation of the system on board of the vessel under supervision of both Ampelmann and consultancy firm Royal Roos from the Netherlands.

We thank Ampelmann and Royal Roos for this opportunity and the pleasant cooperation.

We recently delivered a 24x 12m modular spud barge to Dubai based Ecocoast Contracting

The pontoon is designed and built in-house and consists of interchangeable modules which are connected by our own rigid connection system allowing for flexible configuration to suit any requirement.

It comes equipped with removable heavy duty loading ramps and two 16m long spuds with hydraulically operated spud housings powered by an APT built hydraulic system.

The pontoon system has been specifically designed for high deck loads, this particular setup has been specified to accommodate the point loads introduced by a crawler crane up to 100T.

For local company Stevin Rock, APT has recently delivered a Straddle Carrier of 110 ton capacity. The entire construction and assembly was done at APT yard, with engines / hydraulic / controls from Italy.

The equipment has maximum length of 10340mm, width of 13650mm , height under spreader of 10000mm and steering on two wheels. With the engineering/design package from an Italian company, we have constructed the whole unit.

The unit is intended to be used for transport of the concrete block for the new port project in RAK. We are happy and proud to have delivered yet another successful project.

APT has successfully delivered a Modular Pontoon with dimension 7.5 x 30 meters for Innovo Engineering and Construction , Aberdeen UK. Vessel was built APT’s new construction facility at Ras al Khaimah maritime city.

Vessel is class certified with BV/RINA. The equipment consists of eight pontoons built to standard shipping container specifications CSC approved. As the coupling system is designed and built according the IMO MODU CODE, the pontoon can assembled and disassembled easily.

At the site in West Africa, equipment is intended to be used for small dredging / combing operations.The whole project was done in a period of 59 days with all approvals in place.

We thank Innovo Engineering and Construction limited for this project and for the excellent cooperation.

The APT Global group announces today the opening of a new office in The Netherlands. The office is an addition to the production facilities, offices and yards in Dubai, Qatar and India and extends the presence of the group to Europe.

The new team in The Netherlands will focus on the development, engineering and delivery of complete dredgers, dredge systems and dredge components. Although the team is a new addition for APT, they are certainly not new to the industry. Team members typically have 10 to 25 years of experience in the fields described. For key dredge components, such as cutterheads, dredge pumps and dredge ball joints, dedicated product managers have been assigned.

“The addition of the Dutch team is a big and exciting step forward for the group. It significantly broadens our capabilities to cater to the needs of our customers, especially in the offshore and dredging industry” says Anil Abraham, CEO of APT Global Marine Services.

Members of the Dutch team can be met at the new office at Westerduinweg 3 in the harbour of IJmuiden. They can be contacted via telephone number +31 (0) 851300795 or email europe@aptglobalgroup.com. Another chance to meet them is at the Europort exhibition for maritime technology in Rotterdam, which will be held from 7 to 10 November 2017.The APT Global stand with number 5204 can be found in hall 5.

APT Global is a leading ship builder, equipment manufacturer and technical service provider for the Marine, Dredging, Energy and Offshore industry.

The APT Global group announces today the launch of a new and improved line of dredge ball joints. The in-house developed design has been named the Maximus® ball joint and will become part of the APT Global product portfolio.

The Maximus dredge ball joint is the result of extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and provides more balanced stress levels throughout the design. The lower peak stresses improve the strength of the joint, which in turn provides higher reliability during dredging operations.

“In the past decades little has changed in the shape of conventional dredge ball joints. With our new design we have made significant improvements and taken the product to the next level” says Marco Menheere, Product Manager at APT Global.

The Maximus design was developed by the new APT Global team in The Netherlands and is available for pipe diameters in the range of 300 to 1200 mm and pressure ratings up to 45 bar. Due to the flexibility of the design it can be equipped with several wear liner configurations.

APT Global is a leading ship builder, equipment manufacturer and technical service provider for the Marine, Dredging, Energy and Offshore industry.

APT has just completed a major docking and refurbishment/repair of the Cutter Dredger Umm El Zemoul at the Dubai Maritime City.The work was extensive and major refurbishments were done on the Cutter Ladder/Spud Carriage and mechanical equipment,also involved blasting and painting of the whole vessel.

Job was carried out in tight schedule of 63 days with massive steel renewals carried out. NMDC personnel are happy on the project done and appreciated the entire team of APT Global for the quality and delivery.

APT Global Group celebrated its 15th sports day on Jan 25, 2018.The Employees participated in the cricket matches, Football and the Tug Of War contest.

It was a fun day and reignited the team work and togetherness of the group.

A cooperation between TTS Offshore and APT Global was sealed with the recent delivery of a 20 ton slewing gantry crane for Dry Docks World Dubai.

APT Global sees the cooperation with TTS as a perfect example of what the business model of APT Global stands for: going into partnerships with the aim of combining complementary fields of expertise, resulting in timely delivery of high quality products.

The manufacturing of lifting equipment is subject to high quality standards when it comes to materials and execution of the works. APT Global has implemented in-house quality system that made it possible to meet the high-quality standards set by both TTS and the classification societies.

Optional quote TTS:

"Through this project we have had the possibility to introduce a new, innovative crane solution.It has been both important and successful to us, says Lars Djupevag, Senior Vice President Sales, TTS Offshore Solutions. Djupvag is grateful for the good cooperation with APT Global, and hope the relations can be further developed"

TTS Offshore Solutions is part of TTS Group, an international corporation that develop, design, engineer and supply high-quality handling systems and services for the global marine and offshore industries. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, TTS has subsidiaries in 13 countries.

The group’s activities primarily involve the design, assembly and testing of equipment. Apart from the manufacture of certain key components, a global network of subcontractors undertakes production. TTS Offshore Solution develops lifting appliances and cargo access equipment for use in offshore environments.

APT Global is proud with its contribution to the newbuilding of the advanced Subsea Rock Installation vessel ‘Bravenes’ from Van Oord, which is currently in operations.

 The scope of delivery contained several important parts of the Subsea Rock Installation system, such as the tremie pipe, several gantries and frames, the retractable chute and other parts: a total of approximately 600 ton of equipment/assemblies. Part of the procurement and engineering of the mission equipment was done by APT Global in the Netherlands, while the construction and assembly of the equipment took place at APT Global facilities in Dubai/RAK.

 The works started in November 2016 and were finalized in December 2017. Deliveries were done to both Rotterdam and China, and were in line with the desired schedule, following the actual production of the main builder of the vessel.

Choice for APT Global:

Bravenes Project Manager Patrick Meij: “Van Oord has selected APT Global for their high quality of work, in combination with their favorable lead times. Even with the largest and most challenging constructions, the pieces were manufactured within tolerance, on time and within budget. Especially the collaboration between Van Oord Dubai’s office and the APT Dubai office was very successful. APT is a professional partner to work with.”


 Background of vessel Bravenes:

The Bravenes is the latest addition to the Van Oord fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels, and it is a unique piece of equipment within Van Oord’s fleet. The vessel, with a deadweight of 14,000 tonnes, a length of 154 metres, and a beam of 28 metres, will be suitable for installing a wide range of rock sizes.

Bravenes is equipped to perform three different types of rock installation, namely the fallpipe through the moon pool, a fallpipe over the side, or a tremie pipe over the side. This third ship configuration allows the vessel to install rock very close to offshore platforms, such as monopiles. Bravenes brings a new level of innovation to subsea rock installation.


APT Global certified with CE Mark for European conformity for its products.


 APT Global RMC is certified under European Union regulation as confirming to factory production control.

 The APT company was recently certified to European Standards EN 1090-1, APT RMC is now authorized to use the European conformity (CE Mark) on load bearing steel structures it manufactures to EXC3 (Execution class).

APT's yard activity in its facility are found to be complying with Factory Production Control (FPC) requirements by the auditing body,”


The welding standard ISO 3834-1 is the most demanding standard for evaluating technical and personnel competence in welding performance which gives APT to carve a niche and a strategic advantage in the Oil & Gas Renewables industry.

“This certification is in line with APT’s long time vision of diversifying into offshore /renewables business and adding value to the service extended to existing clients. The organization is always in the forefront of quality along with delivery in line with client’s demand. We look forward to our international clients to award us more contracts in the offshore sector”. Anil Abraham, CEO has noted.